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"Come on, Andrew," Jeremy was standing behind his good friend, spotting him as he lay on the bench press, "it'ssss all you buddy. Give it all you got." The large eight foot tall dragon was using every ounce of strength he could muster in his four arms as they bulged with power under his red and black scales. It took a good while but he eventually got around to doing his last complete rep. He sat up wiping the sweat from his face as his two pairs of well-sized pecs rose and fell with every breath from under his muscle shirt that was hugging tightly to every defined muscle from his neck down to his thighs. Letting out a strong and deep groan, Andrew got up from the bench feeling really elevated after finishing his hardcore workout as he stretched his wings out.

"Damn, that was awesome." The big dragon gave his arms a few good flexes seeing that they were most certainly bulging larger than before. "How about you Jeremy? I'll spot you if you want one last round."

"Nah, I think I'm done for the day, too." Jeremy was in fact pretty well worn out for the day. Even a big python such as himself had his limits. Not a single inch on his body felt at least a little bit weak, though in a good way, and his long muscular coils were no exception. He had beautiful yellow scales all over his body, though with a light brown design that went from his head, down his shoulders and arms as well as his back and sides and about half way down his thick and powerful snake tail. Despite Jeremy's unusual eyes of black and yellow he kept a very friendly expression that made him easily approachable. Though some were naturally too intimidated by his impressively muscular body that was easily a match for his red and black dragon friend.

"You know you want to, big guy."

"Well… okay." Jeremy popped his knuckles getting ready. Then his phone rang in his gym bag behind him. Answering it curiously he saw that it wasn't someone on his contacts list. "Hello?"

"Hello," it was a man on the other end, "is this, uuh… Jeremy or Andrew I'm speaking with?"

"May I help you, sssssir?" Jeremy had a slight lisp, lengthening almost every S sound in any word he said.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Please forgive me. My name is David… David Hemming and I read your ad in the paper." Jeremy had completely forgotten about that advertisement. It was meant to help him and Andrew get a bit of extra money so they could afford an new set of weights for themselves so they could have their own little gym at home. However, they got the money they needed after a surprise raise and bonus at their job. "Here it says that you two… are willing to do most any job or labor within reason that is to your ability. Needless to say, I'm curious as to whether or not your offer still stands."

"Actually, we kinda… uuh," Jeremy was about to say no, but he then thought of that nice plasma screen that he and Andrew saw the other day; looking over at his friend he raised a brow in thought, "yesssss… yessssss the offer ssssstill sssstandsssss."

"Oh great, that's terrific news. I can't tell you how much of a help this will be for me." Jeremy could tell that David's appreciation was genuine.

"No problem, Mr. Hemming. Though may I asssssk what exactly this job entailsssss?"

"Hehe, well… I have a good idea on the kind of job you two would expect having seen your pictures in the paper, so I'm gonna assume that the job I have in mind isn't that." David cleared his throat. "You see, I have a friend who's staying with me for about a week and just arrived today, but the problem is that I have something else I need tend to tonight. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but I can't take him with me and at the same time I can't leave him all by himself either. So I was hoping you and your friend would be willing to look over him till I get back. Also, I was wishing that you were able to come as soon as possible."

"Hmmm," this was indeed not what Jeremy was expecting something along the lines of a babysitting job, but it didn't seem too bad looking after who he presumed was at least a young adult, "I don't sssssee why not. Jussssst give usssss the addressssss and we'll be there in a jiffy, Mr. Hemming."

"Wonderful news. Okay, it's 343 7th street. Hope to see you soon, and please call me David… may I assume this is Jeremy?"

"I'm guesssssing that my lisssssp gave me away." Jeremy let out a friendly chuckle.

"N-no… well… maybe. Anyways, see you soon Jeremy, and please tell your friend Andrew that his help is much appreciated." Hearing his temporary employer hang up, Jeremy went over to Andrew with a slight smile on his face.

"Who was that Jeremy," Andrew looked curiously at Jeremy, "what did they say?"

"Andrew, do you remember that ad we put in the newsssspaper a couple weekssssss ago," the dragon nodded, "well, ssssomeone ssssaw it and wantssss to hire ussssss." Jeremy could tell from Andrew's expression that he wasn't exactly excited about this. Having reached their goal he didn't quite want to follow up on their personal ad.

"Jeremy, we've got the weights. We don't need any more extra money."

"I know I know, but I wassss thinking that thissss would help us get that TV at that sssstore from a few daysssss ago. Besidessss, we're only gonna be looking over ssssomeone for the night. How hard could it be?"

"You mean babysit… I haven't done that since I was fourteen and that was just my neighbor's dog… for thirty minutes. I don't wanna tend to someone I don't know for a whole night." Now Jeremy was sure that Andrew wouldn't change his mind… unless…

"Andrew, buddy." Jeremy was grinning happily at his friend.

"Ooooh no Jeremy," Andrew leered at the approaching python, "don't you dare."

"I think I know how we can sssssettle this." He gave his pecs a quick flex, making them dance a couple times. "Are you up for the challenge? If I win you get half my pay, but if I win then you come with me." It took Andrew only a few seconds to weigh the possibility of winning, and if he lost it actually could be very easy and painless money. However, he would rather eat his own foot than turn down a flex off… metaphorically speaking.

"You are so on, snake man."

It started off with basic arm pumps, making their biceps swell larger with every flex. Next came their abs, pecs, shoulders… It went on and on for a good 10 minutes but just when one seemed to be getting the upper hand in looking like the larger powerhouse, the other would quickly match it. Every single curve, the crevice between their pecs, every throbbing vein, every single pulse that raged throughout their bodies was most certainly a wonderful sight to see. Nonetheless they eventually had to stop, both sweating profusely, leaving their muscles and entire bodies glistening in the artificial light. As far as anyone could tell it was a draw, that was until Jeremy managed to get in just one more flex making his pecs flex a few times… alternately.

"Okay, okay, fine," Andrew sighed, unmistakably defeated by Jeremy's method of persuasion, "but you can't use a flex off to convince me for a whole year." Though he knew he would most certainly do it again, probably within the next month.

"You're the bessssst, Andrew." Jeremy thanked him by giving him a friendly hug.

"Yeah, yeah," he couldn't help but return the lovely gesture rolling his eyes.

Heading to the locker room they took a quick shower wanting to be clean instead of sweaty and smelly when they arrived at David's. It wasn't long before they made it to the place, which was a nice looking place. The front lawn and the groups of flowers near the front door were very well kept. It had two stories and a balcony that was large enough to host a BBQ with a fair amount of people. However, the front door was unusually large and high… like really big. At least it had a smaller door in it that they would be able to open with out such effort. Walking up to the doors they rang the bell.

"Just a second, I'll be right there," It was clearly David, "hey Takoda, would you get the door and let them in, please?" A pair of eyes peered at them from the mail slit in the door looking right at them and a second later the door opened. Standing before them was what seemed to be a short fox cub, not even five feet tall. Andrew let out a chuckle, wondering why he was so worried in the first place and thinking that this would be a piece of cake. Though strangely, the little guy didn't seem at all afraid or shocked by their appearance, the reason for which was soon revealed when the two of them saw David for the first time.

"So glad you two could make it." Jeremy and Andrew had to muster every ounce of will power to not gawk at David. He was a werewolf who the description "huge" wouldn't have done him justice. David was at the very least twice as tall as them, probably more. As such, they were eye level with his pant line. What made it worse, or rather better… much much better, was the fact he was wearing a large bath towel that he had to keep hold of to keep it from falling off. Clearly having just gotten out of the shower his fur was still moderately damp. His coat was clinging to his body adding to the visible definition of his abs, chest, sides, shoulders, arms… even his neck was huge, but still visible and not causing his head to sink into his body.

"Y-you too, D-D-David." Andrew was barely able to get even that much out, so happy and thanking the lord that he had an extra pair of arms to cover the area between his belly button and mid thighs. Same went for Jeremy only in his case he slyly used a section of his long tail.

"Well, come on in while I go and finish getting ready. Again I can't tell you how much I appreciate this." David shook both of their hands, engulfing their hands and up to the middle of their forearms within his grip. Then exiting the room, Takoda gave them a quick glance and went to the living room to watch some TV. When they were alone Jeremy and Andrew immediately looked at each other.

"DIBS!" They both said at the exact same time.

"What!?" exclaimed Andrew, "that's crap. He looked at me first."

"Nu uh," argued Jeremy, "he looked at me firssssst. And I wasssss the one who talked to him on the phone."

"So what? It's not like you would've been able to say a single word if you knew what he looked like on the other side. You haven't said anything since we walked in through the front door."

"Oh yeah, very sssssmooth there sssslick. I've never heard a worsssse ssssstutter."

"You're no different with your lisp."

"Don't you be ragging on my lissssp. I'll have you know that guyssss find it to be very cute."

"Does David really seem like the kinda of guy who's looking for cute? He looks more like someone who needs a man that extra muscle." Andrew smirked as he flexed all four of his arms as well as his chest and abs. Before Jeremy could get out one last retort David came out fully dressed in a decent set of casual clothes, and as a human. Though he had more of an athletic build now, the two of them still found him to be very sexy with his long wavy hair. Not to mention the two scars on opposite sides of his face made him look like a badass. There was no doubt about it, to Jeremy and Andrew David was all but completely irresistible.

"I hate being so quick to leave, but I am in a real hurry and you two got here just in the knick of time. Anyways, you already know who you'll be watching. You shouldn't have much trouble with him, just keep a good eye on him… not that he'll get himself into any danger. In case you're hungry there are two Kobe steaks thawing in the sink and the grill is up on the balcony. Takoda has a small rack of baby back ribs and make sure he eats his greens." Grabbing his keys, phone, and wallet he started to head for the door. "If there's an emergency call me on my phone, it's always charged and on. My number is on the fridge. Okay, gotta go." Andrew and Jeremy just stood there for a while and went into the living room to see the little cub sitting watching some kind of animated film. It took a while but Jeremy brought himself to make an attempt at breaking the ice.

"Hello, Takoda," he sat on the couch next to the cub, "what are you watching?"

"Oh hi mister snake," Takoda diverted his attention to the large python, the name he gave made the tip of his yellow tail twitch a bit, "I'm just watching a movie David got for me."

"That'sssss very nice of him. And pleassssse, I'd much like it if you called me Jeremy." He made sure to say that with a smile so as to come across the right way when talking to a child.

"Okay, Jeremy, but why do you talk like that?"

"I'm a sssssnake of course."

"Heehee," Takoda couldn't help but giggle a bit as Jeremy lengthened his S's, "you're funny, Jerry."

"It'sssss… Jeremy, but thank you. I do what I can."

"Jeremy, I got it now." The little guy then turned to Andrew who had plopped himself into a reclining chair adjacent to the end of the couch. "Wow, you have four arms? That's awesome, I hope I have arms like those when I grow up."

"Why thank you," Andrew had a smile of hubris, not even trying to hide his arrogance as he gave one of them a good flex showing off his biceps, "I worked hard for these guns. They might not be as big as David's but they're still something to look at."

"I'll say, but isn't that cheating?"

"Ch-cheating…? How is that cheating?" Andrew had never heard someone refer to his extra arms as... "cheating".

"It just seems a bit unfair if you have a tickle fight with someone. You could hold them down with one pair of arms and tickle them with the other."

"A tickle… listen little man, I can honestly say that I can't remember the last time I got into one of those. Besides I'm not even that ticklish."

"Oh yesss you are," Jeremy was really getting a kick out of this, "sssssince he has twice the armsssss he'sssss twice as ticklish as anybody elsssse."

"Well… you should try it some time. It's a lot of fun." Takoda smiled. Andrew didn't say another word. A few seconds later, Takoda reached for a can of nuts on the coffee table.

"Wait, Takoda," Jeremy put a large hand on the can, "shouldn't you wait till dinner. You wouldn't want to ssssspoil your appetite now would you?"

"But I'm hungry… and I only want a few, I promise."

"Alright, but jussssst a few." He handed the can to the cub who tried to open it but was having difficulty prying the lid open. "Here, let me help you there." Jeremy gently took it from Takoda and opened it. When he did a bunch of trick snakes flew out, the spectacle bringing Takoda to laugh so hard that he was holding his sides as he saw the expression on Jeremy's face.

"That issss sssssuch an excesssssssively usssed cliché," this wasn't the first time someone played this practical joke on him, and it grew old for him a long time ago, but he had to admit that Takoda added something to it, "you think you're sssssso sssssneaky don't you?" Takoda couldn't help but just continue laughing while Andrew was laughing a bit too, slowly stopping himself when Jeremy leered at him. After about a good solid minute Takoda stopped laughing.

"I love that." He smiled at Jeremy, making it hard for the big python to stay as annoyed as he was. However, he was still just a bit peeved.

"Wow, that was great kid. High five." Andrew held up both of his right hands next to each other for Takoda, which he happily accepted. "I can't tell you how long it's been since I saw someone do that to Jeremy."

"Not long enough." Jeremy said under his breath making sure that the little man didn't hear.

"Hey Andrew, there's something I've been wanting to ask you," asked Takoda as the big dragon answered with a nod, "I was wondering, but is it true that dragons can breath fire?" Hearing that question Jeremy nearly burst out laughing, but instead just snickered as he contained himself, though barely. The fact that Takoda's question was serious made it even more amusing.

"No Takoda, that's only in the story books and movies." Just like when Jeremy suffered that snakes in a can prank, Andrew did his best to not display any annoyance.

For the next hour or so Jeremy and Andrew sat down and watched a bit more of Takoda's movie, but all three of them soon got bored of it. So to keep themselves occupied until dinnertime they went out to the big pool in the back yard that was sized for David, let alone Jeremy and Andrew and a fox cub. Glad that they brought their swimming attire, which for Jeremy was a simple elastic tube that went around him from his waist down to what would be one's mid thighs. The water was perfect and the sun was still up enough to give them at least a bit of time to bath in its warm rays. While Andrew was lying on a raft with his upper arms to rest his head in his hands and laying the other pair in the water to feel it flow between his fingers, Jeremy sat at the edge of the pool with his long coils moving here and there. Takoda, on the other hand, was simply swimming around and having some fun. Occasionally he would pull and play with Andrew's tail who of course didn't mind. The happy fox would even squirt Jeremy with his water gun sometimes who just splashed him back with his coils. Though mostly he just had fun on his own swimming around on his foamy noodles. So all in all it was a good time… until Takoda yet again felt on the "silly" side. Getting out of the water, he slowly walked around the pool and managed to get behind Jeremy without him knowing. Moments later Jeremy could hear the fast pitter-patter of wet paws on the granite surrounding the pool. Before he could turn around he felt something slam into his back.

"GAH!" Jeremy very well exclaimed before he fell into the water. Awoken from his being half-asleep in the soothing sun, Andrew sat up and looked to see his friend's distorted and shimmering yellow figure under the water wondering what exactly happened to make Jeremy yell out like that. Then he suddenly felt something just above his pant line slowly run up his spine, causing him to quickly arch his back, loose balance and fall into the pool. It took a couple of seconds for him to poke his head out of the water to see that Jeremy had managed to do the same.

"Hi guys, isn't the water refreshing?" Takoda was out of the water drying himself off. "Man I tell you, swimming really makes me work up an appetite." Looking at each other Jeremy and Andrew didn't have to say a word to know that the other was wondering how in the hell the little guy was so damn fast.

"Alright," Andrew got out of the water, "I think I'm gonna leave you here for the night. This isn't worth it." Grabbing a towel he dried himself off and headed for the back door into the house.

"Well, then don't exsssspect to get your share of the money then," Jeremy crossed his arms.

"You can have my money if you want, Jeremy, but I'd like for the rest of my evening to be free of trouble and annoyance." Andrew just kept walking and reached for the doorknob.

"Oh well, I guesssss that Takoda and I will have your Kobe ssssssteak." Jeremy smirked, putting an emphasis on his lisp in steak. Stopping where he was, Andrew actually began to drool at the thought of eating that juicy and tender slab of meat still in the kitchen sink let alone cooked to perfection. "Or would you like to stay for supper and help me take care of Takoda?" Oh how Andrew wanted to just eat and leave, but he knew for a fact that Jeremy would never let him get away with it.

"Alright, Jeremy," Andrew slowly turned around, "I'll stay, but I get the bigger piece."

"Ssssure thing Andrew." Jeremy got out of the pool and joined Andrew in preparing the meal. Allowing Andrew to do the cooking and to have a bit of time away from Takoda, Jeremy stayed inside with him as the tyke was reading a book filled with funnies comics and having a good time laughing. Jeremy couldn't deny that Takoda was more than capable of being cute and affectionate, but he had to wonder if he'd ever get to see that side of him. It was honestly anyone's call this far in the game.

"Come on you two, it's chow time." Andrew called out from the balcony to the downstairs. The two of them quickly ran, or in Jeremy's case slithered, to the tasty smell of high quality beef and BBQ ribs. He even made some of his homemade sauce for Takoda's ribs, hoping that maybe it would bring out a side of Takoda that was more appealing to him and didn't get on his nerves. To his surprise he very well complimented him on how his food was prepared, that it was very tasty… maybe too tasty seeing as how he would have to wipe and lick away at his chops after nearly every bite. Then it came down to his green beans.

"I know you don't like them," Jeremy was both firm and gentle in his tone, "but David ssssssaid you need to eat your greenssssss."

"Aw man," Tokoda sat there playing with his food as he pouted about it, "but they taste so bad and icky."

"No that don't," Andrew smiled as he leaned forward and took one of the cub's bean pods and ate it licking his lips, "see… mmmm, yummy. Now you try." Takoda watched him as he rubbed his belly with two of his hands, thinking as one of his ears twitched.

"Hey Andrew, would you like to have one more? That didn't sound like a legitimate yummy. I dare you to take three and do that again."

"Do you now?" Andrew smirked and wasn't going back down on something so simple, let alone to him. "I'll take six in that case." He then did just that and rubbed his belly again. Then turning to Jeremy, Takoda wanted him to try too, and he took a few more. That was when they realized what had happened with only one left, which Takoda took it and ate it in one swallow licking his lips.

"You know what, that was really good. Can I have more?" Unfortunately, in an ironic sort of way, there wasn't. The two buff scalies couldn't believe they fell for such a juvenile trick, but before they could do so much as shake their fingers at him he wasn't sitting where he was anymore. Then, there was the sound of a door locking: Takoda had locked them outside on the balcony and was smirking at them while sticking his tongue out.

"Whuh… Takoda, let usssss in this inssssstant." Jeremy demanded. "If you do that then we won't tell David what you've done." He just continued to do his little taunting dance.

"That's it lil guy, when I get my four hands on you," Andrew wanted to say something really snappy but not without making a threat that could be taken the wrong way, "y-you are in for a serious time out young man."

"I'll let you in, if Jeremy can say 'she sells sea shells down by the sea shore' without messing up." It was at that moment that the cliché of hearing a whistling teakettle going off when someone was growing considerably short on their fuse would be appropriate. Jeremy's face was starting to turn red, which only made Takoda start laughing.

"Why you… impudent… little…" Unable to finish that sentence Jeremy then saw out of the corner of his eye a spare set of keys to get back inside. Satisfied he took the key ring on the tip of his tail and dangled them for Takoda to see, quickly stopping his laughing. It didn't take a single word on Andrew or Jeremy's part to send the rascal running down the hall, and not a second too late before the balcony door was unlocked allowing them to bolt after him. "GET BACK HERE!!!"

Turning a corner upstairs Takoda ran into David's bedroom and hid under behind his bed. When his pursuers turned the same bend they lost track with the option of two rooms. Splitting up Jeremy took the bathroom while Andrew went into the bedroom. Jeremy checked the shower and towel cabinet while Andrew checked the closet, under the pillows, and finally under the bed. The moment Takoda could see his knees on the ground he jumped out and swiftly hurdled off of his head, running for the stairs. It was a long chase and they were getting nowhere. The big hunks were constantly tripping over one another and knocking over a few things here and there, luckily not breaking anything. Jeremy even managed to get his tail tied in a knot. There was one point that Takoda threw a few apples and other fruits at Andrew when he had him cornered in the kitchen. Giving into his reflexes he caught them all with his four hands giving Takoda the opportunity to run under him, between his legs and out the room. Unfortunate for the cub, he soon ran into Jeremy's coils just after they were untangled. Tripping over them he did a roll.

"I GOT HIM!!!" Jeremy grabbed him by the arms holding him in the air while Andrew used one pair of his hands to take hold of his kicking feet. "What are we gonna do with him now, Andrew?"

"I say we… uuh. Well, how about we just…" Now that they had finally caught him they honestly didn't know what to do with him, until Jeremy flicked his tongue and tickled his cheek making him giggle a bit. "Hehe, is this little devil ticklish?" Andrew had such an evil grin on his face, a grin of revenge.

"N-no, I'm not ticklish." Takoda chuckled a second time when Andrew tickled his feet a bit. Smirking at one another they began to get the job started. Jeremy flicked his tongue against his cheek and lightly tickled his sides and belly with the tip of his tail while Andrew used his extra pair of arms to caress his claws along the bottoms of his little feet. Soon giving in Takoda flailed about futilely trying to get away. Of the three Andrew was enjoying this the most, finally getting his vengeance for all the trouble he had gone through that day all thanks to Takoda.

"EEEHEEHEE HAHAHA," Takoda had tears running down his cheeks as he got his comeuppance, "cu-cu… CUT IT OUHOUT!!!"

"Only when you promisssse to be a good boy." Jeremy lengthened out that last S purposely only to brush it against Takoda's cheek even more.

"N-NEVERHERHER!!!" It went on for minutes until he gave up and admitted defeat. When they let him go he slowly regained his breathe, getting up to hug Jeremy around his muscular neck lovingly. "Heehee, I like you guys. You're awesome." This half caught them by surprise, but trusted him enough at this point to hug him back and thank him for changing his demeanor, nuzzling his cheeks. Even Andrew couldn't resist his cuteness, unable to stay annoyed and frustrated with him.

From that point on it was smooth sailing playing games with him, mostly ones like hide and seek and Indians and cowboys. Takoda would chase them back and forward as they would pretend to be scared of him and acting out fake, exaggerated and silly deaths when the cub yelled BANG like firing a gun, making him laugh. However, when he would get close to take a look at them and claim his prize, they would come back to life and grab hold of him like zombies that rose from the dead, switching the roles of the chaser and the chasee. Finally worn out, the trio sat down to watch something together with him snug between them. Completely relaxed, Takoda hugged Jeremy's coils and leaning against Andrew's side as he placed a hand on him. Eventually it became apparent that Takoda was getting tired as he yawned more and more. Gently, Andrew cradled him in his arms as he carried him up to his bed and tucked him in. Coming back downstairs he plopped down next to his partner with a sign of relaxation. They talked about how they were indeed very happy that they put that ad in now. Especially Andrew who admitted he was wrong to want to bail out, that he was happy to have made a new friend… despite the tole it initially took on his sanity.

About an hour later Takoda came down to the living room. He seemed sad with a tear rolling down his face looking down at the ground.

"Takoda," Jeremy slithered up to him and bent down to look at him in the eye, "are you okay? What happened?"

"I… I had a bad dream," Takoda sniffed, "I was so scared."

"Awww, shh shh shhhh," Jeremy picked him up and hugged him with his head next to the upset cub's patting and rubbing his back, "it'sssss okay don't worry. You're with ussssss now."

"What's wrong Jeremy," Andrew called as he too got up, "aww, he had a bad dream huh?" Takoda nodded sniffing again. "Well come in and stay with us for the rest of the night. Would that make you feel better?" The little guy nodded as they took him into the living room. Jeremy wrapped his arms around Takoda as he lay on his chest, functioning as a living bed. With Takoda's head on his pecs he could hear the python's soothing heart beat and snuggled into them while the three watched the TV. This was by far the most adorable and sweetest cub either Jeremy or Andrew had ever met, easily agreeing that it was a day well spent looking after him. Not too long after, the front door opened and David walked in, again as a big hulking wolf. Letting out a sigh he walked in leaving the door open.

"Hello," David called out softly just incase Takoda was sleeping, "where is everyone?"

"We're in here, David." Andrew called out. "All three of us."

"Three? I thought that Takoda would be in bed by…" David turned around to see Takoda cuddling Jeremy who was holding him close. "D'awww, isn't he the cutest lil guy you've ever seen?" Both of them nodded as Jeremy was gently rubbing his head sleeping. David reached out for him as Jeremy handed him over. Slowly he woke up in his friend's big furry arms.

"DAWVID!" He wrapped his arms around his big wolf friend, or at least tried as his arms only covered a small portion of his chest, which was still very well defined even though under a button down shirt. "You're back. Oh we had the best time… Jeremy opened the can, Andrew fell in the pool, they tickled me all over and I learned that dragons can't breath fire because that's only in the movies and books." They all let out a chuckle.

"Is that my favorite lil cub I hear?" Closing the door behind her a big mighty and muscular and gray wolfess walked in. She was almost as big as David and her muscles were also so very impressive. Her chest was very well sized too; one would have to stand back a bit to keep her breasts from blocking her face from view. Seeing her, Jeremy and Andrew were praying that she was his sister.

"Hi Sabrina," Takoda always blushed around such big girls, Sabrina being no exception, "you're looking very pretty."

"Awww why thank you, sweetie, now give me a big hug." It seemed like everyone was passing Takoda around when Sabrina took him from David and warmly took him into her bosom giving him a kiss on the cheek. Such a display of affection always made him blush deep red and wag his tail happily. When Sabrina came to look up and see Jeremy and Andrew she put down the cub and walked up to them. "So these are the lovely gentlemen who were able to make my night with David possible." They nodded. "Well I'm very happy you helped as you did."

"Oh no problem, miss," Andrew smiled happily, "as Takoda put so elegantly we had a great time." Jeremy was very happy to hear Andrew say that, happy that he was happy to have joined him that night.

"I'm happy to hear that," said David as he put an arm around Sabrina, "and I'm sorry I took so long, but we… thought it would be nice to enjoy our way home after my little wolf lady spent a week with one of our friends in Amsterdam." They both leaned in and gave each other a nice long kiss, confirming Jeremy's and Andrew's suspicions: he was both straight and taken, showing that they could now stop arguing over him.

"Ewwwww," Takoda covered his eyes as they kissed, "you guys kiss too much."

"Does the little foxie want a kiss, too?" Sabrina leaned down perking her lips, sending the little man running away to hide behind Andrew. "Hehe, I guess not."

"Well, I guess we'll be going now, David." Andrew smiled. "It was a lot of fun and we'd be happy to look after him again someday." He picked up the cub hiding behind him with his tail and moved him up to hold him in one pair of arms rub his back and head with the others.

"Awwww, do you two really have to go?" Takoda had a pouty look, "Can't you spend the night? It could be like a sleepover."

"I'm afraid they do lil man," answered David, "but if you ask them nicely I'm sure they will love to come back soon."

"Oh we'd love to David," Jeremy answered before they could be asked, "we'd love to come back any time and play ssssssome more with him."

When all goodbyes were said David made sure to give them their payment and a little extra. Getting on his knees he took both of them to give a big and beefy hug leaving them to go limp in bliss being embraced by such a hunk of a wolf. It hadn't escaped David's awareness that Jeremy and Andrew were physically attracted to them, let alone to what extent said attraction reached, so he figured he'd do what he can to make sure they knew just how appreciative he was of their efforts. Indeed this was the best last minute job Jeremy and Andrew could've ever asked for… of course they had to admit that the form of payment was very good and buff as well.
hey everybody, this is a short story that i've wanted to do a while with two of my favorite characters, Andrew the four armed dragon and Jeremy the yellow python. They're awesome and i hope you think so too.

Jeremy & Andrew [link]

Sabrina :iconhemisphere:

story, David & Takoda :iconmuddness:
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ya know I gotta tell ya, following with canon or not, I enjoy yer stories. As slightly observant as a blind Arctic wolf can be, I saw very minimal word errors but in all its essence, this is truly a good one. Recommended ten fold :D
MasterofWolves99 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2010
nice story man :D awesome job
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